Use Cases

As Bluetooth becomes more widely adopted in asset tracking the challenges of accurately locating those assets is more apparent. Fathom enables asset tracking to move beyond simple zone based Bluetooth systems that can only indicate the approximate range of an asset. Fathom is a remotely managed industrial indoor location platform that offers high accuracy latitude and longitude positioning of assets. Fathom is designed to support a wide range of use cases and industry applications from asset tracking to manufacturing and easily integrates with existing software systems.

We’ve provided a sample of situations where the Fathom Hub offers a scalable and stable solution for enterprise deployments. If there’s something you don’t see or you you’re interested in more information on how Fathom could work for you click the ‘Get a Quote’ button to tell us about your situation.

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Asset Tracking

Bluetooth® Smart or as it’s more commonly known—Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)—is a disruptive technology that represents a competitive advantage for companies interested in the next generation of asset tracking systems. BLE asset tracking systems provide reliable and accurate performance, solid price/performance ratios, accessible costs for acquisition, deployment and system maintenance, as well as the ability to integrate real-time data with operational management systems.

  • Enterprise Ready
    Enterprise-grade hardware and software technology, and a robust API for programmatic control and data integration makes Fathom scalable for enterprise management systems.
  • Innovative Indoor Location Technology

    Location that features presence, proximity and positioning at 2m granularity.
  • Contextual Data

    Fathom’s smart Tags provide context to location data with readings from onboard temperature, pressure and movement sensors.


  • Cost Effective
Fathom is a strong price/performance offering with lower overall system costs (hardware and platform subscription) when compared to other asset tracking technologies.
  • Cloud Based Platform

    Fathom offers remote system configuration and maintenance–accessible anywhere and anytime.
  • Flexible and Rapid Deployment

    Fathom offers flexible deployment and is suitable for a range of operating environments including airports, hospitals and warehouses.

Industry/Use Case Applications: 
Asset Tracking, Fleet Management, Healthcare, Logistics Manufacturing, Physical Plant, Shipping/Receiving, Smart City, Transportation, Warehouse.


Location-enhanced Marketing

BLE beacons and smart devices open up a new frontier for location-based marketing. Traditionally this marketing technique’s targeting ability was limited to an individual’s general proximity to a target location’s physical address. Street level targeting is pretty good but its precision is limited if you want to engage with consumers indoors, or even more specifically when they interact with specific elements indoors like a merchandise display. When combined with intelligent digital signage location-based marketing becomes a powerful engagement tool.

  • Support Multiple Location Strategies
    Fathom’s indoor location technology enables smart marketers to precisely leverage indoor positioning.
  • Leverage Context to Enhance Messaging
    Fathom’s system adds context to location-based marketing campaigns with dwell time, ingress and egress paths, as well as device level data points to enhance customer meta profiles .
  • Retarget Ads + Assign Attribution
    Fathom supports online retargeting and ad attribution demonstrating ROI for your targeted spend.
  • Flexible Analytics Scenarios

    Fathom supports single Hub deployments for Presence heat maps, as well as multi-Hub Positioning/Proximity coverage for increased location accuracy and customer engagement pathways.

  • Smart Digital Signage

    Ranging and zone targeting enable fine-tuning of device discovery for enhanced digital signage response.

Industry/Use Case Applications: 
Digital Signage, Retail, Wayfinding Signage

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As vehicles get more connected the opportunity to use BLE beacons to track assets or provide actionable intelligence increases exponentially. Fathom supports the following use-cases:

  • Locating a specific vehicle in a terminal with hundreds of identical vehicles to aid service operators in delivering timely and efficient service.
  • Support more intuitive route planning with accurate identification of vehicle types and maintenance schedules (a trial for this specific scenario is currently taking place in the U.S.).
  • Car rental companies can locate specific vehicles for customer rentals.
  • Shipping companies can precisely locate high-value cargo, saving costs and improving efficiencies.