Upcoming Webinar: High Accuracy Indoor Location Using Bluetooth – When Proximity Isn’t Good Enough

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The use of Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) in beacons was originally conceived as a way to trigger proximity-based events in retail outlets. However, the ability to detect Bluetooth signals has launched new offerings to help accurately locate both people and things. By incorporating angle of arrival and received signal strength, this concept can be taken even further to enable true x-y positioning.

Join Fathom CEO and Founder Guylain Roy-MacHabée and Bluetooth SIG Innovation Engineer Ken Ogami for a webinar where they’ll take a deep dive into the technologies and techniques that deliver accurate x-y coordinates for indoor location using Bluetooth technology.

Register today for this webinar on December 13 at 9:00AM Pacific, where you’ll learn about:

  • Utilizing Bluetooth technologies to provide accurate x-y coordinates that integrate with existing business intelligence, compliance, or control systems.
  • Incorporating IoT sensors that bring location awareness to sensor data
  • How this technology is opening up an entire asset-tracking and RTLS market segment that could not be properly served by RFID, Wi-Fi, or UWB

Even if you can’t make the date/time, please register and we’ll send you the link to the on-demand recording when it’s available post-webinar.

The webinar registration link is: http://bit.ly/2j3sPiO

Fathom represents the next generation of indoor location technology, utilizing Bluetooth to enable asset tracking and RTLS with 2 meter or better accuracy. Fathom’s subscription-based location as a service (LaaS) offering provides greater coverage than RFID, better accuracy than Wi-Fi and a lower cost than UWB.

We look forward to seeing you at the webinar!

The Fathom and Bluetooth SIG Team