The precision-engineered Bluetooth Hub transforms stand-alone beacons into a managed proximity network. Fathom Hub is designed to discover and locate beacons or Bluetooth devices in its vicinity.

Fathom Hub

Fathom Hub is able to accurately identify and locate Bluetooth devices because of innovative product engineering and intelligent software that applies a decade’s worth of outdoor location expertise and experience to the indoor space.

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Control & API

Enabling the remote management and configuration of your proximity network is Fathom™ Control–a cloud-based management interface that offers static and dynamic monitoring modes as well as presence detection. Fathom Control enables your beacon infrastructure to become location-aware.

For programatic integrations we offer Fathom API, which provides an endpoint for integrating Fathom data into your existing Business Intelligence or control systems. Fathom API data includes real-time data on the movement of tags, smartphones, wearables and other BLE devices.

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