On-demand Webinar: How to achieve accurate x,y positioning using Bluetooth

Learn the tools and techniques to deliver accurate positioning for indoor location using Bluetooth

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The use of Bluetooth Low Energy in beacons was originally conceived as a way to trigger proximity based events in retail outlets. However, by incorporating angle of arrival and received signal strength, Fathom has taken this even further, enabling true x-y positioning.

This capability opens up an entire segment of the indoor asset tracking market that could not be properly served by RFID, Wi-Fi or UWB.

With typical accuracy of 2 meters, and special use-cases down to 15 cm, Fathom goes beyond proximity, providing accurate x-y coordinates that integrate with a customer’s existing asset tracking, business intelligence, compliance or control systems.

In this Bluetooth RTLS webinar, you will learn about:

RTLS Solutions

Strengths & weaknesses of existing location technologies


How companies are using Bluetooth for RTLS and asset tracking

Fathom’s Way

How Fathom’s Bluetooth solution works to locate assets

Fathom’s Benefits

Advantages of Fathom for indoor positioning use cases

The traditional RTLS as we know it is coming to an end. Previously, the market consisted of solutions that offered a hard cost/accuracy trade-off that often limited the market. High accuracy came at a very high cost, while even room-level technologies such as Wi-Fi/RFID are expensive and difficult to implement.ABI Research

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