Five Advantages of a Bluetooth Real-Time Location System (RTLS)

Misconceptions and Advantages of Popular RTLS Technologies

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RTLS Solutuions

The main RTLS technologies are Wi-Fi, passive and active RFID, ultrawideband (UWB), and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE). Each has strengths and weaknesses that ultimately come down to price, performance, and fit for particular use-cases. Use-case is particularly relevant to the price and form factor of the asset tags.

This White Paper builds on our earlier material by clearing up common misconceptions about RTLS technologies and expanding on the advantages people are experiencing with BLE RTLS. It also describes how Fathom’s Bluetooth solution is changing the RTLS market.

In this Bluetooth RTLS White Paper, you will learn about:


Misconceptions about GPS, RFID, WiFi & UWB

for RTLS?

Misconceptions & facts about Bluetooth


5 Key advantages


How Fathom’s BLE solution works to locate assets

Bluetooth doesn’t replace existing technologies, but rather opens up an entire segment of the market which is not suited for RFID, Wi-Fi, or UWB. Bluetooth is relatively inexpensive and easy to deploy, automates asset tracking, and does it at a lower cost than other automated solutions.ABI Research

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