Fathom and Spatial DNA Partner to Deliver Real-Time Location Intelligence Solutions

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Companies integrate Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technologies and geospatial intelligence to deliver accurate, always-on asset tracking

August 15, 2017 – Vancouver, Canada – Fathom today announced that it has partnered with Spatial DNA to deliver solutions that integrate the company’s Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology with Spatial DNA’s location-as-a-service software Flow. When integrated, clients can take advantage of this powerful, real-time, location-based asset tracking and location intelligence solution.

“Spatial DNA’s Flow software, combined with their specialty in integrating spatial and location based data across business operations, makes them an ideal partner for Fathom,” says Adrian Stimpson, Sr. VP of Sales and Marketing for Fathom. “Fathom’s real-time location system (RTLS) provides Spatial DNA with a cost-effective way to integrate highly accurate location data into their customer’s business systems.”

As an approved Fathom value-added-reseller, Spatial DNA provides clients in the manufacturing, warehousing and transportation industries with integrated location-intelligence solutions that track assets and improve business decisions. Spatial DNA spearheads implementations for its clients by combining the cost-effective Fathom Real-Time-Location-System (RTLS) with its own Flow software to provide highly accurate indoor location solutions. Spatial DNA and Fathom clients increase equipment utilization, maximize workflows, improve employee safety, and optimize operational efficiency.

“Fathom fills an important gap in the technologies available for indoor asset tracking and positioning,” says Todd Lewis, President and CEO of Spatial DNA. “Fathom’s Bluetooth-based system is easy to deploy and provides a level of real-time location accuracy that’s critical for industrial markets such as manufacturing, distribution and smart offices. By utilizing Fathom’s location engine and API, we’re able to focus on using the location data to provide advanced analytics and visualization for our customers.”

The complete Fathom LaaS solution includes the Fathom Tag, the Fathom Hub and subscription-based Fathom Control and API. The Fathom Hub and Fathom Control/API also work with virtually any Bluetooth beacon or BLE device.

About Spatial DNA
Spatial DNA is a technology company specializing in systems design and integration of spatial information with enterprise platforms including customer relationship management, physical asset and work management, business intelligence, and database platforms.  The Spatial DNA Flow platform supports IoT real-time locating and analytics services in commercial and industrial built space in a diverse range of industries including aviation, retail, manufacturing and distribution, and government services. Visit www.spatialdna.com for more details.

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