Fathom Presence™

When you need to know who or what is in each room.

Fathom Presence includes in-room sensors, venue gateways, cloud and optional on-premise processing to deliver reliable device presence determination. Presence events are reported in real-time over sophisticated APIs for seamless integration with any vertical market application.

Reliable room/zone detection

Compatible with any BLE beacon / asset tag

Real-time detection

Presence event integration through rich APIs

Fathom Presence Sensors

Fathom Presence Sensors are BLE devices that listen for and report the nearby presence of other BLE devices such as asset tags, employee cards or mobile apps. The sensors are ceiling mounted, typically near entrance and exit areas of a zone of interest (e.g. a room, an entrance hallway). Sensors also include a passive infrared motion detector which enables zone activity detection even if no BLE signal is present in a room while also saving battery power for the battery version. Both sensor types can be remotely configured and updated.

There are two sensor types depending on the deployment requirements.

USB-Powered: this version is powered via a USB port and connects to the Fathom Presence service via a local Fathom Presence Gateway over WiFi. When power is available in a room, this should be the sensor of choice. A supplied USB wall adaptor or an optional USB-PoE adaptor can be used.

Battery-Powered: this version is battery powered and connects to the Fathom Presence service via a local Fathom Presence Gateway. This sensor can be used whenever it is impossible or impractical to bring power to the ceiling mounting location. With a beefy 4000 mAh of capacity, the sensor will run for 3 years in a typical enterprise environment.

Fathom Presence Dashboard

The Fathom Presence Dashboard is a cloud-based interface to provision and monitor the operation of the Fathom Presence system. This is also where integration with 3rd party systems take place via APIs.

Fathom Presence Gateway

The Fathom Presence Gateway is a BLE-WiFi-Ethernet device designed to collect and pre-process data from Fathom Presence Sensors and package this data for upload to the Fathom Presence cloud service. Direct integration with local systems (e.g. alarm, lighting,…) is also possible. For use cases where cloud connectivity is impractical or impossible (e.g. mining, offshore rigs, …), the Presence Gateway can be extended to operate as a full on-premises platform over dedicated servers.