Fathom Hub

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Fathom Hub is a hardware device that enables you to create a coverage area in an indoor space to monitor Bluetooth beacons and other BLE devices. The device is designed to monitor BLE devices that have either a static or dynamic movement profile.

A venue is a distinct coverage area where beacons are distributed, which can include any defined mappable area that you want to manage, such as: a floor in a building, a retail space or even an outdoor area.

A coverage area refers to a specific matrix created by the installation of Fathom Hubs in a venue. A basic coverage area is composed of four (4) Fathom Hubs. A more complex coverage area, influenced by the venue’s building materials, finishings, electronic interference, etc., may require 20 or more Hubs to create a suitable coverage area.

Fathom is a unique piece of solid state hardware. It is a purpose built, custom engineered radio device designed to accurately locate and identify Bluetooth beacons, regardless of their manufacturer in a range of venues and coverage configurations.
Developed by a team of engineers and scientists, Fathom leverages more than a decade of location expertise and experience and applies that location know-how to address a growing and significant problem in the IoT space: where is my stuff?!
As ‘smart’ devices become more prevalent it is becoming increasingly difficult to keep track of all those things. Fathom solves this problem and many more!