Fathom Hardware Pricing

Fathom Hub

The Fathom Hub is the hardware foundation of our innovative industrial indoor location system that brings unparalleled control, intelligence and context integrity to large deployments of Bluetooth devices.

The size and structure of your venue, and the type of coverage you would like to implement will determine how many Hubs you will require to create an effective coverage zone for your deployment.

Fathom Subscription Pricing

Fathom Locator

  • Monitoring + Management

    A Fathom Locator subscription includes Fathom Control, a cloud-based management platform designed to monitor the status of Bluetooth devices. With Fathom Control you can set geofences, create alerts based on ingress or egress actions, organize your assets with categories and labels–and see where your assets are with near real-time visualizations of your BLE devices.

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Fathom API Services

  • Management + Data Service

    Programatically interface with Fathom Locator to remotely manage your indoor location deployment and integrate location data with other business systems. Fathom is designed to integrate with 3rd party systems such as Asset Tracking, ERP and other Enterprise platforms.

    Run queries to return venue and location specific data for analytics reports, high-accuracy location tracking and other proximity intel.

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