Fathom Locator™

Fathom Locator is a Bluetooth real-time location system (RTLS) that enables high accuracy indoor positioning. Fathom Locator is comprised of the following key elements: Fathom Control & API, a cloud-based subscription for system provisioning and management, Fathom Hubs, networking equipment for detection of Bluetooth signals, and beacons – our Fathom Tag or virtually any third party BLE beacon.

Control & API

Fathom™ Control is a cloud-based management interface that enables the provisioning and ongoing management of Fathom and any RTLS device being tracked.

The functionality of Fathom Control is also available via a rich set of standard RESTful and websocket APIs. These enable Fathom partners and customers to integrate accurate x,y location data into their existing Business Intelligence or control systems. The Fathom API provides real-time location data on the movement of tags, smartphones, wearables and other BLE devices.

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Fathom Hub

Fathom Hub is a necessary infrastructure element for the deployment of Fathom solutions. The Fathom Hub constantly scans for nearby BLE signals through its 6 directional antennas. Multiple Fathom Hubs deployed every 15 to 20 meters collectively submit their observations to the Fathom Locator RTLS algorithms, enabling location information and events to be securely published through the Fathom API.

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Fathom Tag

While Fathom Locator is BLE-agnostic and will detect/position virtually any BLE device, Fathom also offers its own beacon – the Fathom Tag – a specialized beacon designed to deliver highly accurate positioning in industrial RTLS environments and to integrate seamlessly with Fathom Locator.

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