Fathom and KIND Financial Introduce First Automated and Integrated Cannabis Plant Tracking Solution for Cultivators

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Fathom’s Bluetooth real-time location system integrated with KIND Seed to Sale enables accurate plant location tracking and reporting, helps ensure regulatory compliance and streamlines operations for cannabis growers

November 8, 2017 – Vancouver, Canada and Los Angeles, USA – Fathom Systems Inc. and KIND Financial today announced the integration of Fathom’s Bluetooth-based automated plant tracking with KIND’s Seed to Sale solution. The integrated solution enables cannabis cultivators to automatically and accurately capture the location of plants and feed that location data into their state system such as Metrc. This improves the efficiency of their operations, lowers labor costs and helps ensure regulatory compliance.

The Fathom/KIND integration will be featured in the KIND Financial booth (#4723) at MJBizCon 2017 in Las Vegas, November 15-17.

“Accurate plant tracking is critical to cultivators as they work to scale their operations and comply with legislation,” says Guylain Roy-MacHabée, founder and CEO of Fathom. “By automating cannabis plant tracking and ensuring this data is integrated with their seed to sale system, Fathom and KIND help cultivators meet their compliance requirements while also increasing the efficiency of their operations.”

Until now, plant tracking has typically been performed using RFID tags, which require manual scanning by staff to fulfill the cultivator’s compliance requirements. However, RFID poses a number of issues that are overcome with Bluetooth based technology, including:

  • Failed readings due to electromagnetic interference (EMI) from the lighting system
  • RFID tags being unreadable after becoming submerged in dirt or water
  • Scanners picking up RFID tags on the other side of walls (resulting in reporting plants in the wrong rooms)
  • Scanners needing to be very close to identify specific plants, which is particularly frustrating when searching for a plant during an audit
  • Cost of manual labor and human error when scanning tags

“The integration of Fathom’s automated plant tracking with KIND’s Seed to Sale solution really closes the loop for cultivators and lets them benefit from state-of-art technology that both streamlines their business and helps ensure regulatory compliance,” says David Dinenberg, founder and CEO at KIND Financial. “Our goal at KIND is to help the cannabis industry achieve the level of business and technical maturity it deserves and our partnership with Fathom to integrate automated plant tracking is a critical part of our strategy.”

Coming from ten years in the GPS location industry, Fathom spent $5 million over five years developing its subscription-based indoor location system to solve the problems involved in automatically tracking thousands of cannabis plants in a typical grow operation. The system had to successfully address real-world obstacles like signal attenuation through dense foliage, crowded grow rooms, humidity and EMI, while providing 100% room-level plant location.

Fathom’s roadmap includes support for sensors that can be incorporated into the Bluetooth tags. This will allow plant-level reporting on important environmental variables such as temperature, humidity, CO2 or soil pH. Continuously monitoring and control of these variables can help a grower increase both yield and quality.

About KIND Financial
KIND Financial makes cannabis compliance easy by providing technology and tools that empower marijuana-related businesses to transact safely, securely and in adherence with the rules, regulations, laws and guidelines governing the cannabis industry. KIND’s Technology Platform facilitates the entire cannabis-business lifecycle through its KIND Seed to Sale software, which provides retail operations, growers, and producers in the cannabis industry with the critical tools for plant tracking and management; and, full enterprise resource management across the organization. KIND Seed to Sale integrates seamlessly with the KIND Kiosk to provide cannabis businesses with safe and secure cash management and order-taking at the point-of-sale. Working together, the KIND technology platform provides cannabis businesses with an end-to-end solution that closes the loop between marijuana-related businesses, regulatory agencies, and financial institutions. For more information visit www.kind.financial.

About Fathom Systems
Fathom represents the next generation of indoor location technology, utilizing Bluetooth to enable asset tracking and RTLS with 2 meters or better (up to 15 cm/6 inches) accuracy. Our subscription-based location as a service (LaaS) offering enables specialized Fathom Hubs deployed at a customer’s premise to locate any BLE device or tag within the facility. Fathom’s cloud architecture provides reliable, scalable and simple integration with a customer’s existing asset tracking, business intelligence, compliance or control systems. Fathom provides greater coverage than RFID, better accuracy than Wi-Fi and a lower cost than UWB.

For more information on Fathom, visit www.fathomsys.com, call us at +1.604.699-6178 or email sales@fathomsys.com.

For Media enquiries, please contact rhalischuk@fathomsys.com.

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