Fathom Partner Ecosystem

Making It Happen

Fathom’s ecosystem includes both channel and technology partners, representing the best technologies, products and services in the industry. Both Fathom and our customers benefit from the depth and breath of our partners’ domain expertise and experience.

Channel and Technology Partners

Acumentive delivers smart and innovative real-time asset location and management solutions and delivers via the company’s SenseAnyWare software.

With more than a decade of knowledge of auto-ID technology (RFID, Barcode, RTLS, Bluetooth), being able to integrate and manage data is what sets Acumentive apart. Our systems collect and collate real-time data from multiple streams and technologies into the one platform and deliver hybrid applications.


Gimbal harnesses the power of location and proximity to drive value and create personalized experiences for customers, using location-specific events, geofences and beacons to access deep data analytics via the most sophisticated location management platform in the market.


KIND Financial makes cannabis compliance easy by providing technology and tools that empower marijuana-related businesses to transact safely, securely and in adherence with the rules, regulations, laws and guidelines governing the cannabis industry. KIND’s Technology Platform facilitates the entire cannabis-business lifecycle through its KIND Seed to Sale software, which provides retail operations, growers, and producers in the cannabis industry with the critical tools for plant tracking and management and full enterprise resource management across the organization.


Spatial DNA is a technology company specializing in systems design and integration of spatial information with enterprise platforms including customer relationship management, physical asset and work management, business intelligence, and database platforms.  The Spatial DNA Flow platform supports IoT real-time locating and analytics services in commercial and industrial built space in a diverse range of industries including aviation, retail, manufacturing and distribution, and government services.


S4 Growth Partners works as an agile agent and strategic partner to define, establish and lead new categories of enterprise digital services utilizing proximity-based engagement technologies. S4 helps connects people and services across various verticals including retail, healthcare, transportation, logistics, hospitality and tourism.

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