About Fathom

Location. Context. Intelligence.

Fathom Systems Inc. was created by the team that successfully turned Rx Networks into the world’s largest provider (as of last count more than 1.2 billion devices use our software) of location services for smartphones. Guylain Roy-MacHabée, CEO and co-founder of Rx Networks, and a core team of senior execs who helped shape Rx Networks, recently moved to Fathom, flanked by several new faces to round up a team of 14 highly energetic and dedicated people ready to disrupt the indoor location, asset tracking and IoT market.

Why indoor location? Why now? By end of 2016, ABI Research reported beacon shipments of 8.2 million units, double the 2015 number. By 2021, the forecast calls for nearly 600 million units/year. Looking at the overall IoT market, Gartner, Inc. forecasts there will be over 20 billion connected “things” by 2020. In terms of dollars, McKinsey has estimated the IoT market to be worth between US $4-11 trillion by 2025.

As a company built on ten years experience with core positioning technologies, we understand location. We also understand the opportunity and the challenges of managing the infrastructure requirements of IoT. Fathom delivers location context and analytics intelligence through the automatic detection and recording of the time and location of BLE signals, across multiple venues and can even store IoT sensor data.

We believe we’ve created the best system on the market, with support for both absolute and/or presence location determination. Our purpose built Hubs deliver positioning accuracy previously unheard of in the market for a price that provides better coverage than RFID, better accuracy than Wi-Fi while supporting a much broader set of device types than other real-time location systems like UWB.

Fathom is an agnostic Bluetooth technology, which means we can locate, monitor and manage any BLE signal. Fathom also offers rich APIs to integrate with existing software platforms—making it a truly Enterprise-ready system.

What Our Customers are Saying

“Blacksburg evaluated several companies that had BLE technology baked into other devices and we had limited success. The other devices could ‘see’ the beacons in terms of proximity, but they couldn’t locate the beacon accurately on the map. With Fathom, we can tell you where the buses are actually parked.”
Tim Witten, 
IT Services Manager | Blacksburg Transit