Fathom Bluetooth RTLS Webinar Now Available On-Demand

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Our recent webinar, hosted by the Bluetooth SIG, titled “High Accuracy Indoor Location Using Bluetooth – When Proximity Isn’t Enough” was a huge success with over 1600 registrants. Bluetooth RTLS is a hot topic for asset tracking and our webinar definitely proves it!

The on-demand webinar recording is now available and can be accessed here.

In the webinar, Fathom CEO and Founder Guylain Roy-MacHabée discussed the technologies and techniques that deliver accurate x-y coordinates for indoor location using Bluetooth technology including:

  • Utilizing Bluetooth technologies to provide accurate x-y coordinates that integrate with existing business intelligence, compliance, or control systems.
  • Incorporating IoT sensors that bring location awareness to sensor data
  • How this technology is opening up an entire asset-tracking and RTLS market segment that could not be properly served by RFID, Wi-Fi, or UWB

The webinar also sparked a very lively Q/A session and the answers to all the questions asked by the webinar participants can be viewed here.

If you have any additional questions regarding our BLE-based real-time asset tracking solution or want to discuss your requirements, please contact us at sales@fathomsys.com

Fathom represents the next generation of indoor location technology, utilizing Bluetooth to enable asset tracking and RTLS with 2 meter or better accuracy. Fathom’s subscription-based location as a service (LaaS) offering provides greater coverage than RFID, better accuracy than Wi-Fi and a lower cost than UWB.