BC Tech Summit 2017

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BC’s annual tech show, BC Tech Summit, ran at the Vancouver Convention Centre from March 14-15, and featured more than 300 BC tech companies. Fathom partnered with Vancouver based QuickMobile, producers of the summit’s mobile app, to showcase our indoor location and beacon technology. Distributed around the convention space were dozens of the soon to be released Fathom™ Tag beacons. …

Mobile World Congress 2017

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Fathom had the opportunity to attend Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona last month as part of the Canadian Trade Commission and ICT West delegation. If you’ve never been to MWC before imagine 8 football fields lined up next to each other, filled with brand activations from the world’s leading consumer technology companies. There are 8.5 halls to explore along …

TRUSTe Privacy Datasheet

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Fathom is pleased to announce the completion of a Privacy Impact Assessment of the Fathom system conducted by TRUSTe. Fathom selected TRUSTe because they are recognized leaders in privacy compliance and risk management with an outlook that considers global regulatory and data protection requirements. Conducted over the course of several weeks the privacy assessment offers a detailed review of Fathom …

BLE Beacons in Retail

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Much has been written about beacons in retail and how they will revolutionize the customer experience. When Apple announced the iBeacon protocol retail innovators immediately understood the disruptive potential of beacons to provide customers with targeted offers based on a customer’s location in a store. So what’s a beacon? Bluetooth Smart or BLE beacons (Bluetooth Low Energy) are small electronic …

Seeing the Forest in the Trees | Learn How Blacksburg Transit Tracks Its Buses Indoors

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Blacksburg Transit deployed 20 Fathom™ Hubs—a patent-pending BLE gateway device— creating a proximity coverage area for the 46,000 sq.ft. indoor depot facility. The Hubs display real-time data in Fathom™ Control, a cloud-based dashboard that locates buses precisely, down to the specific aisle and position within the aisle inside the depot.

Fathom Launches Enterprise Product and Platform

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Fathom’s high accuracy scalable technology redefines BLE location, context and intelligence. October 26, 2016 – Vancouver, Canada – Today Fathom™ introduces its suite of products to the public. Fathom–a hardware and cloud-based software system–has been designed to redefine the beacon and IoT space. Fathom delivers a wide range of industry applications from retail to healthcare and addresses the challenges of …

Fathom short-listed for BCTIA award

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BC’s tech sector creates a significant contribution to the provincial economy with more than 9,000 companies that employ nearly 90,000 people. Notable BC tech companies include: AbeBooks, Avigilon, Creo, Crystal Decisions, D-Wave, MacDonald Dettwiler & Associates, Pivotal, Sierra Wireless and Rx Networks, which one the Most Promising Startup award in 2008. Fathom is pleased to announce that we are on the short list for the Most Promising Pre-Commercial Technology award …

Securing the Physical Web

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Much is being made of Google’s support of the open source Physical Web beacon standard, and for good reason. It’s a powerful development in beacon technology, and arguably has the potential to enhance how users interact with the real world. When Apple launched iBeacon at its annual Developer’s Conference in 2013, app developers and marketers took notice and it wasn’t long before the …

Self-locating Fathom™ Hub Puts Itself at Center of IoT Market

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Locate, Manage, and Monitor Bluetooth Beacon Deployments and Source Data For Analytics February 16, 2016 – Vancouver, Canada – Fathom™, a new business unit of Rx Networks™, redefines the beacon and IoT space with the launch of the Fathom™ suite of products–a hardware and software system designed to address the challenges of managing large-scale beacon deployments. The Fathom™ Hub transforms …


What’s a Beacon?

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Kinman Lam, Fathom Sales Engineer Manager This post covers the basics of Bluetooth LE and beacons, providing insight into what the companies like Apple, Google, Facebook, Twitter, and Samsung are doing with them. The What Bluetooth beacons, BLE beacons (short for Bluetooth Low Energy) or simply just beacons, are devices that periodically broadcast messages on frequencies between 2.402 GHz and …


Beacons in the Wild

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Brooklyn Museum of Art Shawn Bouchard, Fathom Director of Marketing Shelley Bernstein’s post on the challenges of deploying and maintaining a beacon installation at the Brooklyn Museum of Art is a fascinating read that provides a frank breakdown of the challenges of deploying and maintaining location-aware beacon technology. Like any arts institution the Brooklyn Museum is focused on providing an …