Five Advantages of a Bluetooth Real-Time Location System (RTLS)

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Why Bluetooth is the Hottest Technology for Real-Time Location Systems

Easily track assets indoors with 2 meter accuracy

Add real-time location data to IoT sensors

Integrate location data with existing BI or control systems

Discover a new way to track assets

Fathom Locator™ represents the next generation in indoor location technology, utilizing Bluetooth to enhance asset tracking systems with 2m indoor location accuracy. Add Bluetooth to your asset tracking system and automate tag tracking today.

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Locate, Monitor and Manage your Bluetooth devices
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Bluetooth delivers 2m accuracy?

Fathom Locator makes 2m accuracy possible with the Fathom™ Hub—a sensitive radio receiver able to locate and position Bluetooth devices using our high accuracy positioning algorithm. The result? You get the latitude and longitude of a Bluetooth signal accurate to within 2 meters updated in real-time and accessible via API.

Why Fathom?

Fathom complements asset tracking systems by providing greater coverage than RFID, greater accuracy than Wi-Fi and at a lower cost than other real-time location systems like UWB.

Fathom is Bluetooth-agnostic, which means it can work with any beacon or IoT device broadcasting a Bluetooth signal.

Fathom’s streaming API real-time location data to operational management systems and provides historical data for analysis and optimization of your facility.

We’re enterprise ready

Our location expertise is market tested and based on 10+ years of providing location services to over a billion mobile devices everyday, as well supporting North America’s emergency services networks providing accurate positioning and wayfinding for first responders—we understand location.

Fathom Overview

Fathom is an indoor location system that enables Bluetooth asset tracking so you can keep track of people or things indoors.

Fathom’s patent-pending technology gives you the ability to locate and monitor Bluetooth beacons or BLE devices, report on their location and status enabling you to track assets, get alerts if things move and get access to near real-time and historical data data analytics and visualizations.

Why Fathom?

Fathom Hub works with your existing beacon infrastructure because we are beacon agnostic. Our technology maximizes your current investment, adding value to existing beacon deployments with an intuitive remote management and alerting system.

Once a Fathom Hub locates its position it can then locate any beacon or BLE device in the area, automating the monitoring of beacon performance and ensuring location integrity. Additionally, the Hub renders passive BLE data that can inform your analytics system with site-specific data on devices, timeframes and frequency of visits.

Use Cases

Fathom™ is designed to support a wide range of asset tracking use cases for industries such as warehousing, healthcare and logistics.

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