HERE and Fathom Systems partner to deliver the latest in real-time asset tracking and positioning

Five Advantages of a Bluetooth Real-Time Location System (RTLS)

On-Demand Webinar: Learn how to achieve accurate x,y positioning using Bluetooth

Why Bluetooth is the Hottest Technology for Real-Time Location Systems

Easily track assets indoors with 2 meter accuracy

Add real-time location data to IoT sensors

Integrate location data with existing BI or control systems

Location-as-a-Service (LaaS)

Discover a new way to locate, track or determine the presence of IoT devices, assets or inventory. Fathom uses Bluetooth technology to deliver a subscription-based, “Location-as-a-Service” solution for any asset tag, beacon or IoT device. Whether your enterprise requires absolute and accurate real-time position of devices across an entire venue, or requires reliable determination whether a device is present within a venue or room, Fathom can help.

Fathom Locator™

“Tell me exactly where it is within the venue.”

Fathom Locator™ includes specialized Bluetooth antenna arrays and cloud-based processing to deliver venue-wide and absolute position determination of any Bluetooth device within 2 meters accuracy. Device positions and updates are reported in real-time over sophisticated APIs for seamless integration in any vertical market application.

Fathom Presence™

“Just tell me which room it’s in.”

Fathom Presence™, due for release in Q1 2019, includes in-room sensors, venue gateways, cloud and optional on-premise processing to deliver precise presence determination. Device presence events are reported in real-time over sophisticated APIs for seamless integration with any vertical market application.

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Why Fathom?

Fathom complements asset tracking systems by providing greater coverage than RFID, greater accuracy than Wi-Fi and at a lower cost than other real-time location systems like UWB.

Fathom is Bluetooth-agnostic, which means it can work with any beacon or IoT device broadcasting a Bluetooth signal.

Fathom’s streaming API real-time location data to operational management systems and provides historical data for analysis and optimization of your facility.

We’re enterprise ready

Our location expertise is market tested and based on 10+ years of providing location services to over a billion mobile devices everyday, as well supporting North America’s emergency services networks providing accurate positioning and wayfinding for first responders—we understand location.

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